At the Hastings County Tourism Destination Development Working Group today, April 28, we were talking about farmers getting involved in tourism, not just farm bed and breakfast but also having camping on the farm of small huts or bothies. I  came across this interesting website. Feather Down Farms in the UK are small working farms that offer cottage-style tents with traditional interiors; with feather beds, wood burning stoves and flush toilets. They have oil lamps and candles and hot showers near by. Children can get to know the farm and families can enjoy fresh produce. They can even rent a chicken coop complete with chickens during their stay.
At one of the farms you get the ingredients including fire wood, the recipe and cooking utensils to prepare a delicious Farmers Soup or Stew at your tent enough for four people. Each farm has a farm larder so families won’t need to go to the supermarket. From the farmers’ point of view the tents can be taken down in winter and stored. Some of the parks in Ontario have yurts, so why not yurts on farms. It is something to think about.



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