Deloro cleanup starts in earnest

It is hard to imagine the scale of the cleanup work at Deloro without seeing it. At the public liaison committee meeting on May 17, Heather Hawthorne the communication consultant with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) showed a a video she had made of the work at on the red mud tailing on the east side of the Moira River. The contractors are laying huge rolls of geo- textile material across the tailings and then sewing the rolls together. They then put sand over the textile mat and will cover it with clay and topsoil.  If everything goes well next spring they will plant 20,000 trees  on this cover.
The next stage is constructing a long drainage ditch along the west side of the industrial  site to stop ground water entering the site. Then they will pile the waste in the industrial area and cap it.
You can see something of what is happening fromr the new viewing platform by the front gate to the mine site. To get a clear view of of red mud tailing you will need binoculars.
Heather Hawthorne has put up three  interpretive  signs by the viewing platform explaining the history of  Deloro and current cleanup. You can read them by opening the attachments below.
Doug Lynch, long time Deloro resident and member of the Deloro Minesite  Cleanup Public Liaison Committee looks at the new interpretive signs and viewing platform by the front gate to the Deloro Minesite. Work has started at the minesite capping the red mud tailing on the east of Moira River.
You can find out more at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment website.

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