Dine locally with Harvest Hastings

Tickets are $25 each, Click here to book online or you can send a cheque made out to Harvest Hasting c/o Louise Livingstone, 251 Goods Road, Stirling, Ontario, K0K 3E0. 
Diners must book in advance and dietary requests can be accommodated with prior notice.
For more information, contact Louise Livingstone at infoharvesthastings.ca or call 613-395-4388.

On November 30, come feast with Harvest Hastings and celebrate the fruitful area we live in. Attend the annual Harvest Hastings Dinner in Ivanhoe, where Chef Andreas Appelbaum (gourmetkitchenscatering.com) will create a delectable buffet showcasing our local harvest.
Harvest Hastings promotes the creative people who grow food, work with wood and make unique products in our county. Their objective is to connect people and producers in the county. The buffet dinner will feature a bountiful array of meat, artisanal cheese, vegetables and fruit produced by members of Harvest Hastings.
People who have previously attended this dinner have commented on the beautiful quality and variety of food, the culinary skills of Chef Appelbaum, and their delight in supporting local farmers and producers. The buffet dinner is very affordable at $25.00 per ticket.
After dinner, Dr. Peter Andrée and PhD student Kimberley Bittermann from Carleton University will speak about their research on agricultural sustainability and the future of farming in Hastings County. Based on over 20 interviews to date, their research highlights the resilience, depth of knowledge, and strength of farmers in Hastings County. It also brings to the fore many challenges that require community-led action and changes in public policy. As one farmer put it, “you cannot talk about sustainability if it does not include the community as a whole.” Andrée and Bittermann will invite feedback on the next steps community members would like for this research partnership with Harvest Hastings.
The Harvest Hastings project began in 2008 to promote local food and products from the land. Their partners are Hastings County and the Cities of Belleville and Quinte West.  People are invited to “Shop the Best of Hastings” at www.harvesthastings.ca.
The Harvest Hastings Dinner is on Thursday, November 30, from 5:30 to 9:00 pm at the  Huntingdon Veterans Community Hall, 11379 Hwy. 62 in Ivanhoe.

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