Hastings County has historically and continues to support a strong forest-based economy. As a large and diverse County, most of the forest resource is located in the central and northern sections of the County while many of the jobs are located in processing facilities situated in the south. Regardless of the sector, the single most important component of all forest-based industries is the local forest resource and its capacity to supply a sustainable source of forest products over time. Creating awareness at the industrial and community levels is essential to maintaining the quality and productivity of our forest resources.
In 2005 Hastings Stewardship Council established a forest management steering committee to provide leadership and direction on local forest management priorities. The quality of our forests is a priority for the Hastings Stewardship Council and for our local communities. In Hastings County we have the expertise and the resources to keep our forests in a healthy and productive condition and we encourage landowners to seek out that expertise and work with the local forest industry to manage your woodlots effectively. An important goal of the Hastings Stewardship Council is to promote responsible land stewardship and to advance the concept and practice of sustainable forest management on private lands in the County. The following has been prepared to provide an overview of the forest resources in Hastings County while providing some guidance to assist landowners in managing their forested properties.
Hastings Stewardship Council also has a new Forest Extension Service. If you would like a professional forester to walk through your woodlot with you and advise you on what you can do please call Jim Pedersen, Hastings Stewardship Council co-ordinator, at (613) 478-6875.


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