Grazing animals and soil health postponed

On February 27 in Ivanhoe, the Hastings Stewardship Council presents “How Ruminants Fit in the Ecosystem: Grazing Animals and Soil Health,” the fourth presentation in the Winter Speaker Series 2020.
There is a symbiotic relationship between cattle and grasslands. Two experts will demonstrate what makes up a healthy grassland soil and how grazing livestock affect soil health and carbon sequestration. Sebastian Belliard, soil management specialist for field crops with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), is well informed about soil carbon and soil ecology. He works with farmers and researchers to better understand management impacts on soil health, and to improve soil management practices – with an eye to increased sustainability on our farms. Sebastian will describe the changes we are seeing in the agricultural landscape – including soil data – and how those changes relate to livestock and the maintenance of soil health in an integrated agricultural system.
Katherine Fox, Manager of Policy and Issues with Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO), leads the Ontario beef industry’s efforts on environmental policy and issues, as well as communications on beef cattle and agricultural grasslands in a sustainable food system. Katherine will describe the role of Ontario beef farmers and grasslands in providing environmental benefits while producing high-quality beef for consumers. She will also explain BFO’s research and outreach activities with producers and consumers regarding the environmental footprint of beef.
Join us on Thursday, February 27 from 7 to 9 pm at the Huntington Veterans Community Hall, 11379 Highway 62, in Ivanhoe. An entrance fee of $5.00 per person (or a donation) will help cover costs. Children and students are free. For more information, contact Ray Wellman at 613-848-7697 or Also visit

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