Greenpower schemes could spell disaster for our fisheries

So-called “green” power schemes could spell disaster for our fisheries, according to Dr. John Casselman, award-winning Professor from Queen’s University. Casselman will be the featured speaker at the Friends of the Salmon River Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, October 28 at 7 pm at the Roblin Wesleyan Church on Road 41 on the south banks of the Salmon River in Roblin.
The Friends of the Salmon River speaker will present current research and invite discussion of potentially disastrous but little-discussed effects of Ontario’s rush into more hydro-electricity.
In a wild river, seasonal variation in flow is an integral force in natural processes, both biological and geological. In a free-flowing river, species can move upstream and downstream. Movement along extensive reaches of a river provides vital exchange of genes in a fish population. Migratory fish such as Atlantic eels and salmon must have free access to headwaters to spawn. Dams can put all these essential processes at risk.
Dr. Casselman’s expertise has won awards from the American Fisheries Society, from the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and from the Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association, so his vital message is well-founded.
All are welcome to jump in for this surging discussion of rivers. The AGM and election of new board members will follow. For more information, call 613-335-3589.

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