Harvest Hastings is off to the Royal

This year, Harvest Hastings is taking a new initiative. With one of the world’s largest agricultural fairs happening in Toronto, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, they are excited to be able to showcase, in the Eastern Ontario Pavilion, what the people of Hastings are providing for their communities and neighbours together. Working together they have pooled their man-power and resources to help encourage others to learn more about the local producers available. From free range eggs, and alpaca wool, from fresh grown turkey to oyster mushrooms, from beef and buffalo, to traditional award winning Cheddars to maple syrup and honey, the Harvest Hastings fully believes in helping people find where they can get local food and other local products. Harvest Hastings is an incredible initiative born and raised in the hearts of farmers all across Hastings County. The Royal Winter Fair will be a showcase of wool, fibres, and yarn, the beef, pork, sheep and goat meat, jams and preserves, grain and locally-grown organic flours, cheeses and butter making, honey and maple syrup. Harvest Hastings invites people stop by their booth and check out what they are doing and see how easy it is to “Know your farmer, know your food”. For more information please contact Louise Livingstone, (613) 395-4388, louisetubb.ca

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