Hastings Stewardship Council presents the Winter 2012 Speaker Series
February 1 Tweed Fairboard White Building, Tweed , 7 p.m.pel some of the myths associated with winter feeding. Quinte area has 352 documented bird species and many can be attracted to feeders in the winter and summer months. Supplier “A Place to Perch” will be on hand as well with an assortment of feed and feeders. Door prizes supplied by “The Chicken Coop” in Tweed.
February 15 Thurlow Community Centre, 516 Harmony Road 7 p.m. Peter Bussell- Is it a Bee or is it not a bee?; Pollinators and predator insects Long time bee keeper and member of the Quinte Bee Keepers Association, Peter Bussell will share information about the importance of pollinators and how they differ from common predator insects that may often be confused with bees.
Susan Chan; B. Sc Agriculture, M. Sc in Pollination Biology – Six Steps to Pollinator Conservation on Farmland This session will introduce participants to some of the common wild pollinators in Ontario including the Rusty-patched Bumble Bee, listed on the Ontario Species at Risk list as endangered. The importance of wild pollinating bees will be explained and their fascinating nesting habits and foraging behaviors will be discussed. Six steps will then be outlined to help landowners create and preserve healthy habitat for native bees. Resource materials will be made available to participants.
February 23 Thurlow Community Centre, 516 Harmony Road 7 p.m. Alternative Food Supply Systems and Lessons from Australia; Dr. Peter Andrée, This presentation will be about his experience and research in Australia and how some of the lessons learned there may be relevant to agriculture in Ontario. Peter Andrée joined the Carleton University political science department in January 2007, after an educational journey from the natural sciences, through philosophy and community development, to environmental studies, geography, and now political science. Prior to arriving at Carleton, he was based in the School of Geography and Environmental Sciences at Monash University in Melbourne, undertaking post-doctoral research on rural and food system sustainability in Australia. He completed his PhD in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto in 2004. His first book, on the global politics of regulating genetically-modified crops and foods, was published by University of British Columbia Press in May 2007.
Lessons from the land Jennifer Davis teaches English and First Nations Studies at Bayside Secondary School and runs a meat goat operation at Firefly Lane Farm. She has just completed her Doctorate in Education at Queen’s. Her talk is about what the land teaches us and the value of using stories from the land (told by people who live on the land) in character education for students.
March 7 Thurlow Community Centre, 516 Harmony Road, 7 p.m. Tim Gray – Tree Planting Workshop, 50 Million Trees for Ontario The goal of the 50 Million Tree Program is to sequester carbon; enhance and diversify southern Ontario’s landscape; increase adaptive capacity to withstand climate change; moderate local climate by providing shade, moderating temperature extremes and reducing the effects of storms; increase wildlife habitat; increase soil and water conservation, and provide local economic opportunities. The program is designed to significantly reduce landowner’s costs of large-scale tree planting and thereby increase the number of trees planted. At a cost of 0.15 cents per tree for landowners, up to $1.35 may be accessed through Trees Ontario funding programs. Program descriptions are available at www.treesontario.ca
O’Hara Mill Homestead…where Nature Meets History; Building a Water Powered Sawmill This will be pictorial presentation of some of the major and day to day accomplishments of the O’Hara Volunteers Association on this historic site plus the development of our extensive hiking trails. We will also show some of the plants, birds and animals that frequent this lovely 85 acre Conservation area, and the tree thinning operation carried out by Quinte Conservation last winter, and how it will ultimately affect the natural habitat in a positive way. Speaker: Dave Little. Slide presentation:  Peter Sporring.
March 14 Thurlow Community Centre, 516 Harmony Road, 7 p.m. Thomas J. Pawlick- Local Author of “End of Food”. Thomas Pawlick will speak of the trends towards local food supply and small agricultural operations and their impact at a local and global level. The book “End Of Food” is based on hard scientific research, most of which has been conducted outside of the United States, where food production lobbies have fought hard against this kind of research. Pawlick exposes an alarming trend in the food available in our grocery stores. This is not an argument about unhealthy, processed foods, rather it exposes the problems with all foods, including fruits and vegetables that people commonly assume are healthy.
March 30 Empire Theatre, Belleville 7 p.m. Franke James inspirational presentation merges science, art and storytelling to challenge people to take action and “do the hardest thing first” for the planet. Franke uses her skills as an artist, photographer and writer to create visual essays on environmental and social issues. She is the author of two award-winning books, Bothered By My Green Conscience and Dear Office-Politics.  Franke has delivered keynotes and workshops in Toronto, Colorado, Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Cincinnati, Maine, the Ontario Teachers Federation climate change camps, the Ontario Government, and others.
All events are free except March 30, 2012.  Donations will be accepted at the door! Thank you


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