KINGSTON, Ontario (December 1, 2008)
Aureus Solutions Inc. announced the successful completion of the first stage of a water and wastewater project in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Aureus Solutions worked hand in hand with plant staff and management to bring a balanced social, financial, and environmental treatment approach to the Trinidad and Tobago water and wastewater plant staff. As a result, the plants are better equipped to produce safe and environmentally friendly water and wastewater in a sustainable fashion. This project was initiated in response to Trinidad and Tobago’s 2020 Vision, which aims to ensure safe treated water and clean wastewater for the entire country by 2020. Negotiations to establish a multi-year contract to continue the project are currently underway.
Local young entrepreneurs Sam Rogers and Ted Bailey launched Aureus Solutions Inc. in 2005. After graduating from engineering at Queens’ University, they saw an opportunity to use Kingston as a staging ground to offer their unique blend of socio-environmental services. After several years of working with local industry experts and mentors, Aureus developed a strategic plan to enter international markets. By leveraging community support through a partnership with ELORIN, the co-owners of Aureus, Sam Rogers and Ted Bailey, identified several key selling points that enabled them to move forward with the Caribbean project.
“The support that was provided through ELORIN and the Ontario Regional Business Mentoring Network helped us focus our resources and grow our business”, said Sam Rogers. “We realized we needed to apply local solutions to our international clients”, added Ted Bailey.
“By supporting the work of Aureus, we’re ensuring that young talent is retained in our region and that viable environmental solutions are available to communities across the planet. This is how the Ontario government envisioned the Ontario Commercialization Network model working, with the Regional Innovative Networks delivering provincial programming on a regional basis to promote innovation.” Shelagh McDonald, Executive Director, ELORIN
Since completing their strategic plan, Aureus has been providing long-term solutions that improve the health and environmental impacts of their clients’ activities. Their approach empowers their clients to solve their own problems, ensuring they sustain any improvements. Because of this improved focus, Aureus successfully won this international opportunity in only their second year of business.
Aureus provides environmental solutions to local, provincial, national, and international clients. To contact Aureus, call Sam Rogers or Ted Bailey at 613.507.3680 or send an email to


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