In praise of sausages

Sausage maker and butcher Jason Clark is a first year accounting student at Loyalist College. He decided to take accounting, as it was an area where he would not have to do manual labour.
“We are so impressed by all the different things that are available here,” said Clark. “Places to go, things to see, there is always entertainment There is food here, everything under the sun, so many different varieties. It is a fantastic area you have your wine, your cheese your different styles of delectable and delicious food.

Being a butcher and sausage maker goes does back to when Clark originally left Brantford.
“My family is in the butchery trade. My father was a butcher,” said Clark.
He has three brothers and he decided to visit his brother Joe in northern Ontario.
“That is where I got my training to become a sausage maker,” said Clark. “I started creating sausages and hams. I did salamis, smoked meat, everything you find in a deli store with my brother. It was an amazing experience. We did try to set up a business but the store was in the wrong place, the location was bad.”
He said he is learning many things pertaining to businesses, which he wishes he had learned then.
For over 32 year Clark has kept up with cutting meat and making sausage, despit having a full-time job in maintenance and as a pipe fitting engineer.
He came back to school at Loyalist College and is enjoying it thoroughly.
“I love the area and I love every thing it has to offer,” said Clark.
He spoke of the changes the rules coming out about the process of sausage making. Local store won’t be able to make sausages, even though they meet health standards, and sausages will all be shipped from big factories.
Clark says he can always spot sausages made in a large commercial setting.
“This is not the individual style, which people in PEC and surround areas are looking for.” said Clark. “People are looking for this unique wonderful style of food. I personally think it is wrong to place restrictions on sausages.”

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