Catherine is a wonderfully creative woodcarver who lives large, using chainsaws and grinders to create big, dramatic, wooden creatures, both real and mythical. She also carves small, delicate items, like chess sets. Catherine Wilson, also known under her business name of The Cottage Carver, started out whittling with a jackknife in the 1980’s. She came to love the feel of wood in her hands and was fascinated by how she could become totally absorbed in the process. In 1990, she took an intensive one-week bird carving course in Kingston and apprenticed there for a year, travelling back and forth from her home in Belleville. She eventually found that carving birds was too regimented for her free spirited ways and she felt too constrained, so she started carving other forest creatures, like gnomes and dragons. From there she moved on to carving other more elaborate creations. About three years ago she heard about a chainsaw carving course, and took it on a lark. She immediately fell in love. It was the perfect combination of noise and power and woodchips! Now her most popular works are her almost life- size bear carvings that are in all manner of poses,  expressions and  are beautifully finished with varnish and stain.

Catherine now works out of her off-grid home/studio on Old Hastings Rd. north of Madoc, far from neighbors who may not appreciate her noisy pursuit. She purchased the property about 16 years ago and has lived there full time for the past 10 years. She is surrounded by cedars and can cut whatever and whenever her heart desires. Talk about using local wood! She uses a scaffold to reach the top of her carvings. She is getting busier all the time and last year she sold out of everything she made, including 40 bears, lots of rabbits, turtles and her other smaller creations.

She sells her wares at the Tweed and Area Studio Tour  every September, and at the Bancroft Arts and Craft Show each year in August. You can also find her creations at Tinhouse Woodworking.
She sells out of her home studio from May till Thanksgiving but you may want to call beforehand. Her road can be tricky in winter and is closed for winter just beyond her property. Catherine plans to retire soon from her part-time job in Madoc so that she can to devote all her time to making her wonderful creations.

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