Our farm has been in the Vander Wey family since 1958, but it was first established as a farm likely in the 1870s. It has woods, pasture, some acres planted in trees, hayfields, a large garden, three retired horses, a small tribe of goats, and cats. In 2017 we added bees, and in 2019 Emily worked with her uncle to build AZ beehives, traditionally used in Slovenia, as well as a shed to put them in! In 2018 we also built a greenhouse! Since 2014 we have been using biodynamic practices with the intention of keeping our farm and expanding it’s purpose for the next generation. In 2017 Emily graduated from Trent University with a degree in Indigenous Environmental Studies. During the summers of 2017-2019 Emily worked for Earth Haven Farm, another local biodynamic farm and will do so again during the summer of 2020.

“Taking Indigenous Environmental Studies at Trent opened my eyes to different worldviews, in which humans are part of nature, not separate,” said Emily Vander Wey. “What we do to the land we do to ourselves. There are systems in place that are destructive to people and places. I hope to cultivate honourable relationships based in respect and reciprocity with this land and the original peoples. At times I feel powerless in a world filled with challenges beyond my control. However, I am realizing that the actions we take on a daily basis can be very powerful. We create the future through everything that we do. Sometimes we have to question if the world we are creating is the one we want to leave for all future generations, not just humans. In growing our own food we are creating an alternative food system based in self-reliance as opposed to one in which corporations profit from the exploitation of people and their lands. When I am engaging in biodynamic farming practices I am participating in physical and spiritual healing processes in partnership with the land.”

We may not necessarily have anything specific to sell this year as we mainly grow enough for ourselves. Although Sue is a local artist and has pastel paintings available for sale, including at Quinn’s Art Gallery in Tweed.


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