Earth Haven Farm has been Demeter Certified since 2008.

Earth Haven Farm is a  family-owned and operated small scale farm dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle. Located in the hamlet of Thomasburg just north of Belleville in the Municipality of Tweed in Ontario.  We have 3,000 acres of conservation land to the east of us, 800 acres of woodlot to the north and another 800 acres of woodlot to the south.  We are in an ideal location for growing healthy, nutritional food, free of chemicals, pesticides and other toxins.

We farm using organic and biodynamic practices. Bio meaning life and dynamic meaning force = working with the life forces of nature to enhance soil health, plant and animal vitality with the end result being nutrient dense food.

Along with our gardens of delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs, we pride ourselves in raising 100% pasture grass fed and pasture grass fed finished beef. In addition to their flavorful high-protein and low cholesterol meat, our hardy and sweet-tempered Scottish Highland Cattle are proven allies in helping us to clear a lot of underbrush from overgrown hedgerows and wooded pasture areas. They are truly the ideal breed for our remote farm location, topographical conditions and agricultural practices.

We are a very crafty family and spend our winter months making a variety of handmade crafts which are featured on our website at

We are First Nations farmers and are associated with the Indian Agricultural Program of Ontario (IAPO), the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario, Demeter Canada, the Ontario Woodlot Association, Hastings Stewardship Council and Harvest Hastings.

Earth Haven Farm has been Certified Demeter (Organic) since 2008, with membership in the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario.  Demeter and Biodynamics are well known throughout Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Central and South America with a growing following here in North America.  Earth Haven Farm is one of a few number of Demeter Certified farms in Canada.  One of our goals is to bring about awareness of these agricultural practices and the benefits they have to the health and quality of the soil, and thus the health and nutritional value of the plants for both animal and human consumption.

Earth Haven Farm is also associated with the Earth Haven Learning Centre ( which publishes the annual Celestial Planting Calendar.  Earth Haven Learning Centre offers an online bookstore with an extensive listing of book titles from categories such as livestock, farming, gardening, organic, permaculture, biodynamic, forestry, woodlot management, soil, seed saving, sensing nature and health and nutrition.

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