Empey Lumber in Madoc Ontario is a family owned and operated business providing eastern white cedar, white pine, kiln dried lumber in a variety of wood species and colours for decking, siding and interior paneling. They also mill lumber for complete log homes. Empey lumber also offers custom services including milling, planning and kiln drying lumber. Mike’s late grandfather, Dennis Downey first started the sawmill as a hobby. But in 1995, Robert Empey turned what was once a hobby into a successful business by making significant upgrades to the mill so he would be able to increase production to meet today’s product demand. Since then Empey Lumber have added a log de-barker, lumber re-saw, planning mill, dry kiln as well as multiple lumber storage facilities.

Mike Empey graduated from the National Hardwood Lumber Association School in Memphis, Tennessee and is now qualified to administer NHLA’s uniform system of grading rules for the measurement and inspection of hardwood lumber. Empey Lumber supplies products for interior or exterior applications. They can also produce lumber that requires a dimension not readily available as a standard size from lumber suppliers so will take custom orders. A speciality item they produce is a turned and pealed ceder post


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