Browse through our gardens and explore the possibilities of a wide array of plants. Observe the striking combinations of flowers and foliage. The Garden Network specializes in container gardens that combine attractive foliage with bloom to bring interest and pleasure. Winter baskets are available in late fall, combining natural colour and texture to decorate the outside of your home or business. Fine quality plants grown on site since 1993: annuals, perennials, grasses, hostas, day lilies, vegetable and herbs, hanging baskets and shrubs.The Garden Network is located in Stockdale, home of the historic mill. The winding country road that follows the Cold Creek will bring you to the Garden Network run by Benita and Larry Glover.  We offer expertise in garden perennials and design along with enthusiasm for the new and the unusual, for both the showy and the subtle. We have first-hand experience with all our varieties and seek those most suitable for our climate. We offer informed suggestions for successful arrangements which will bring pleasure throughout the season.

First year perennials, Soil Mixes
First year perennials, Second year perennials
Ornamental Grasses
Day Lilies
Vegetable Plants
Hanging Baskets
Winter Baskets
Soil Mixes
Starter Fertilizer


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