Brian Peck is the  beekeeper and chandler at Mad Gardener Apiaries. His bee yard looks out over the beautiful mountains of North Hastings known as Little Germany.  He is a member of the Ontario Beekeepers Association, the Canadian Honey Council and the Canadian Beeswax Chandlers Guild. After six years learning his trade he can now claim to be an ethical beekeeper and a professional and ethical chandler.

“I believe in searching for truth above all else in life. I have researched my craft extensively,” said Brian Peck.”After six years of heirloom gardening I caught the beekeeping bug. It took me another two years to ask a local gentleman and former beekeeper how to get started. I was, you could say, less than comfortable around stinging creatures that I did not understand. Soon after getting my bees I began making beeswax candles. The first couple years I learned an awful lot; always the hard way. I have perfected my skills for over years years now and it is time to open the doors of operation”.

Mad Gardener Apiaries Candles contain pristine and 100% pure Canadian cappings beeswax. Cappings are the newest and cleanest wax in the hive. Cut from full frames of honey, they are first spun and then they are naturally cleaned without use of chemicals.


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