Cec Andrus and Caroline Stamp run Rockfield Farm, in Boulter in the Hastings Highlands. They have an organic garden offering a variety of vegetables, flowers, herbs and assorted garlic. Our products are available fresh from May through October. They also make jams and pickles. They rear Dexter cattle The Dexter is a small breed of dual-purpose cattle, which came from the south west of Ireland. They are hardy and don’t require high-quality pasture to thrive. They are quiet and are used as beef cattle, dairy cattle, and as oxen. The meat is well marbled and tender, and an average Dexter cow can produce two or more gallons of milk per day.
Take a step back in time and come to Rockfield Farm. Cec and Carrie Stamp long with their team, Fred and Jack, invite you to share their 50+ beautiful acres with you, your family and friends. “Our year-round sleigh and wagon rides will take you back to yesteryear, gliding across open meadows and into the beautiful forest of the Hasting Highlands of Ontario.
Catch a glimpse of wildlife, deer, elk, fox and the occasional coyote,” says Cec and Carrie. This winter enjoy a magnificent sleigh ride through fresh fallen snow and warm up with a piping mug of hot chocolate around the bonfire amongst family and friends. 


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