The Ketcheson family have been farming in Hastings County for over 200 years and at Moira since 1829. Currently Dale and Teena and children Emily, Olivia, Ian and Aaron are on the farm.
“We crop about 1100 acres and have about 260 acres of woodlot. We grow corn, soybeans and winter wheat and market most of it through local elevators but can sell some locally as well”, said Dale.  “We also usually have lots of wheat straw to sell and often hay. We sell firewood and lumber from our woodlot. “We currently have dry red oak, ash, cherry and cedar lumber available. We also market logs locally. There is a large beeyard in the middle of the farm is operated by Bill Loucks from Bath and he markets the honey collected. We do some custom work and also rent land from a number of landlords in southern Hastings and can rent unused land and keep it in production. Dale is past president of the Hastings Federation of Agriculture and also represents the agricultural community on the Hastings County Economic Development Advisory Committee. He sells seed for two Ontario-based companies. Mapleseed has many forage and cover crop varieties and blends available, and Country Farm Seeds has organic, conventional and GM corn and soybean varieties.


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