We are located north east of Bancroft in the Monteagle Valley, an hour and a half hours drive north of Belleville or Peterborough The Old Homestead Farms was settled by the Bartlett family in the 1870s.

The property consists of a total of 105 acres, mostly mixed and managed forest, ( recently ) 10 acre beaver pond, 20 acre pine plantation ( 22 yrs old needing it’s first thinning ) about 8 acres of pasture and gardens around the house ( no lawns )

The focus is on permaculture and sustainability.  Some examples are, with the use of horses, thinning a section of forest to provide additional grazing and allowing extra space for trees to  mature.  Heating  with an outdoor furnace which will burn any type of wood and in turn give us the ashes to spread on pasture as soil amendment.  We also raise sheep for meat, tallow and tanned hides using hemlock bark. And there’s more….

I would love to pass on my homesteading skills to anyone passionate about this lifestyle

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