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Raised in Glanmire & Maynooth, respectively, Cameron & Tanya Lavender from Lavender Family Maple Goodness, live locally in L’Amable, just 10 minutes south of Bancroft & just 30 seconds off 62 highway.

Our family has been making MAPLE SYRUP since the 1800s & today we still make syrup the old way, boiling maple sap in open wood fired flat pans in the Glanmire sugar bush Cameron’s great grandfather harvested in the 1800s. We also bring to market high quality maple syrup products using the best available management practices, produced & commercially bottled for quality & safety by our cousins, Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association members & Regional Representatives, Clancey & Gale Lavender. Maple Syrup, Maple Butter, Maple Sugar & Maple BBQ Dry Rub round out our core offerings, but there’s more!

Tanya & Cameron are both Ontario Certified Food Handlers baking from scratch maple syrup & butter treats in our home based public health inspected kitchen. Butter tarts, chelsea buns & maple glazed carrot bundt cakes are our signature desserts. We also proudly offer both sweet & savoury maple syrup preserves such as Smoky Maple Syrup BBQ Sauce, Maple Syrup Mustard, Sweet & Sour Maple Onion Relish, Apple Maple Butter, Cranberry Maple Butter, Strawberry Maple Smooch & Blueberry Maple Smooch, Dandelion Maple Jelly & Lilac Maple Jelly as well as dill, bread & butter & beet pickles & whiskey finished green tomato “mincemeat”. We are always in the kitchen testing new recipes to bring you!

But we’ve discovered that no matter how hard we try there’s just not enough time to do everything, so we’ve worked diligently to develop some amazing partners to bring you even more maple goodness! This includes our Makin’ Maple Candles & Makin’ Maple Room Freshener with CallistoWicks Candle Co. & Local Vendors, Maple Syrup Soap with Glow Beauty, Maple Sugar Room Freshener & Maple Syrup Goat’s Milk Soap with Hard Rain Creations & Maple Hot Sauce & Black Lava Maple Syrup in Regular & Vanilla with Purple Tongue Hot Sauce.

We’re very excited to share that our new for 2022 farmstand is now open, including some seasonal items from our uncertified organic gardens, some perennials, baking, maple & more-at our home base, 47 Old L’Amable Road, L’Amable/Bancroft.  Please note, we are at the back, so please drive up.  Saturdays you’ll find us at Bancroft Farmer’s Market, 8am-1pm, Riverside Park Bancroft.  Our retail partners include The Carriagehouse Maynooth, Agnews General Store Wilberforce, McG’s Cakes on Main Bancroft, CallistoWicks Candle Co. & Local Vendors Coe Hill & The Muse Gallery & Cafe Bancroft.  Open days & hours vary so it’s best to call if you’re making a special trip. 613-334-0469.

Won’t you please try some Lavender Family Maple Goodness today?


Cameron & Tanya Lavender 613-334-0469

Lavender Family Maple Goodness

Ways to SHOP direct:

ORDER ONLINE Web: PICKUP CURBSIDE 47 Old L’Amable Road,***up the short lane to the back​***,L’Amable, ON, K0L 2L0


DROP BY 47 Old L’Amable Road,***up the short lane to the back​***,L’Amable, ON, K0L 2L0 to CURBSIDE SHOP our selection (debit, cash or credit) 7 days a week, 10am-6pm.

OR, APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE to curbside shop, during, before or after business hours.

OR, find us at Bancroft Farmer’s Market on Saturdays 8am-1pm, June 11th through & including Thanksgiving.  Riverside Park.

Baking prepared fresh to order with 24-48 hours notice, sometimes less, let’s talk.
Questions? Call or text 613-334-0469


Additional Details

  • Finding our products is easy! We're where you're at or where you're going & if not, contact us, we ship! ***Farm Stand-47 Old L'Amable Road-At the back-hours vary. Please call 613-334-0469***Saturdays at Bancroft Farmer's Market 8am-1pm Riverside Park. June 11th through & including Thanksgiving***The Carriagehouse Maynooth 32965 Hyw. 62 N. 613-334-0498***Coe Hill Collective - Local Artisans & Vendors Coe Hill 15 Wollaston Lake Rd., 613-970-1011***The Coe Hill Grocery Store Coe Hill 5480 Hwy 620 613-337-5741****The Muse Gallery & Cafe Bancroft 23 Bridge St., 613-332-1573***McG's Cakes on Main Bancroft 58b Hastings St. N. 613-334-2807 ***


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