Our family has been making Ontario MAPLE SYRUP since the 1800s! Today, located in L’Amable, just 10 minutes south of Bancroft,  LAVENDER FAMILY MAPLE GOODNESS offers high quality maple syrup products using the best available management practices, produced by our cousins, Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association members & Regional Representatives,
Clancey & Gale Lavender (commercially bottled for your safety!) We’ve been told: “I’ve had your family’s maple syrup & can say that it’s the best syrup I’ve ever had, hands down.” 

We have FOR SALE: Golden Maple BUTTER, Amber & Dark Maple SYRUP and Maple Syrup BAKING as well as other Goodness!  Please see our website or Facebook page for full details.

Baked goods are made fresh to order by us in our home, inspected by Hastings Prince Edward Public Health. Ontario Certified Food Handler.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice for baked goods, although there MAY be Maple Syrup Butter Tarts in Butter & Sour Cream Pastry available on a by chance drop in basis Thursday through Sunday at our home location.  We are completely outdoors with COVID safety protocols in place.  Please wear your mask & note the “WAIT HERE” sign to maintain 6′ of physical distance at all times.

Maple Syrup filled BUTTER TARTS in Butter & Sour Cream Pastry                    Maple Syrup Glazed Apple BLONDIE Maple Syrup Glazed PUMPKIN LOAF
Salted Maple Syrup Pecan Chelsea Buns
Toasted Walnut Maple Syrup Iced Banana Muffins
Chewy Maple Syrup Glazed Maple Sugar Cookies


Some feedback on our baking: Maple Butter tarts: “They were delicious! All of my family loved them lol. I still have a couple hidden away,.”

“The butter tarts were really nice…the maple was obvious!”

“Not gonna lie to you.. didn’t even get off your road and me and my co worker ate them all.. GREAT butter tarts! Will definitely be back for more!!!!”

“Tried the tarts. They are amazing.”

“Excellent pastry, and the the most delicious maple syrup in the filling. I couldn’t eat just one when I was trying them!”Maple Glazed Pumpkin Loaf: “Soooo good. 10/10. Will definitely buy more, & put the word out about the deliciousness too!”

“Absolutely delicious. Thank you.” “Love the pumpkin bread. Thank you.”

“I’d like two maple glazed pumpkin loafs. I want to gift one of those loaves to my friend. She bought one from you at Christmas and
hasn’t shut up about it since so I know she will really enjoy one.” 

“Amazing. Thumbs up.” ” I can tell you we thoroughly enjoyed the Blondies last night.”

“WOW…my mouth started drooling after the first bite. So much flavour. Love the texture! These won’t last long!”

“Decadent!” (Toasted Walnut Maple Syrup Iced Banana Muffins)

When we told a previous Lavender Family Maple Goodness sweet eater we were baking & asked if she wanted anything:  “Holy holy holy… I just got off the river am I too late??? Salted pecan CHELSEA BUNS!!!!”

Bonus with every purchase – receive a recipe to use maple syrup instead of sugar in your baking!

Cameron & Tanya Lavender
47 Old L’Amable Road, L’Amable (AT THE BACK)


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