We not only offer high quality breeding stock Boer Goats¬†but we also pride ourselves on offering premium quality farm products for you to enjoy. Our main focus is goat meat (chevon) and we also offer¬†lamb, chicken,¬†pork, and eggs.¬†You can stop by the farm and purchase our products by the package or you can have a whole of half (goat/lamb/chicken) custom cut to your¬†preference of package size etc. All of our meats are processed in a local government inspected butcher shop.¬†Our priority of good animal husbandry practices and our dedication to raising healthy hormone free livestock lets us offer you¬†farm raised food that you can feel good about. From our family’s farm to your family’s table!¬†We also sell hay and maple syrup is available as supply lasts.
You’ll love the visit to our family farm located in a private corner of the Murray Hills.

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