The Stone Kitchen is a Jam and Gift Shop at 33 Sherbourne St. North in Bancroft where the owners, Kathy and John Pires, produce Hubers and Stone Kitchen jams, jellies, marmalades and spreads.  There are 33 flavours including some savoury recipes like chili sauce, pepper relish, hot red pepper jelly and is the home of the famous Toe Jam and Middle Age Spread.
Products are hand made in small batches, adding no preservatives and using whole fruit (locally purchased when available, i.e. blackberries, rhubarb, crab apples etc.), which makes the Stone Kitchen products as homemade as you can get.
The Huber label originates from Mennonite recipes passed on in the 1980s to a Mennonite family who settled in the Boulter area, Maureen and Samuel Huber.  Several families worked directly with the Hubers, including Don and Brenda Reise who took over the original distribution in Ontario when the Hubers left the operation in the 1990s.  Jams were made in their log home with a field stone foundation, which is where the Stone Kitchen brand originated i.e. Lime and Ginger, Cranberry and Orange and a No Sugar Added version of Strawberry, Peach, Raspberry and Blueberry Spread.
They renovated 33 Sherbourne Street in 2004 and brought their operation to town. For three months John and Kathy trained with the Reises to ensure a seamless transition.  They have the knowledge and practical means to maintain the same quality necessary to continue the Huber tradition that began over 25 years ago.  The distributor, who operated the Huber territory, still carries these products to customers in Southern Ontario.
This quaint little jam shop in Bancroft retails their jams, sells kitchenware, garden gifts, gadgets, delicious gourmet products, custom baskets made to order and so much more.
John and Kathy invite you to sample their products.
Closed on Sundays

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