Noreen’s Fruitful Farm and Horst Homebaking… roadside stand along Hwy 28 East just 2 km west of McArthurs Mills.  Don’t miss us when you’re passing! Large variety of fresh produce in season… flowers… jam, relish, pickled eggs, sauerkraut… delicious pies and tarts and sometimes more variety of baking. Lots of specialty baking before Christmas.

Are you, or are some of your family or friends, on a gluten free diet? Be sure to come and check us out! You will be delighted!

Watch for my large beautiful garden as you’re speeding along the highway. You may meet Padah, my friendly border collie, who barks insistently to announce your arrival, but is harmless as a kitten! He is in training in the PR department of the business.

  • Feel free to wander up into the gardens to say hi if you see me there. I love to meet my customers but can’t be down there all the time.

Sales are cash only.

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