In their sitting room of their farm house on Maple Sugar Road, Tyendinaga Wendy Pullan and Bruce Whyte have a spinning wheel made in Fair Isle which lies between the Orkney and Shetland off the north coast of Scotand made out of recycled wood by a then 80 year old spining wheel maker. Wendy and Bruce spent ten years sailing around the world before deciding to put down roots in Tyendinaga. They visited the Lofoten Islands off Norway and went right up to the Russian border. They decided that one day they wanted to run a sheep farm. When they visited the Kerrera an island near Oban in Argyll, Scotland they bought two shepherd crooks and carried them with them on the boat. They now use them on their Tyendinaga farm.
Wendy grew up in North Vancouver and Bruce in West Vancouver. When asked what brought them east they said, they like the countryside of Ontario and where staying with friends in Peterborough when they found their farm. There had been an old log cabin but nothing was left of it. They have built a house and big barn and various other buildings as well as clearing fields for scrub. They now produce both fibre and meat on the farm with Satin Angora rabbits that are a cross between a French Angora fibre rabbit and a Satin meat rabbit. They also rear the ancient breed Tunis sheep, which originated in Tunisia, and cross breed sheep Corriedale/Romney and Leicester/ Corriedale cross ram. They run a herd of 30 -35 ewes. They also fatten Tamworth pigs.
Wendy is an expert spinner who mixes angora and wool to make work mittens. The Angora blooms up and thus keeps the snow away from the mitten. They also have three Maremna dogs who live with the sheep and protect them from coyotes There are thousands of coyotes only lost a lamb when the sogs were puppies farm dog and electric fences.
They have black and white border collies to herd the sheep. Wendy competes with them in sheep dog trails such as the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials at Grass Creek Park in the second week of August, which is an Ontario top ten event. They send their wool to Wellington Fibres to be processed. If you would like to visit the farm or purchase yarn, livestock or meat please call (613) 396-5317 to make an appointment.


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