We are Stefan Dixon and Magali Laville. Willows Green Permaculture is a one-hectare haven of natural paradise where we live and play and for which we care.

We are consultants in food autonomy, permaculture, restoring native habitats, vegetable, herb and native wildflower gardening, food forests, water management and making the transition to this type of life. We offer project design in ecological and environmental education, including on-going accompaniment, to schools, school boards and municipalities in both English and French, as well as teacher and community leader in-service and training programs. As lifelong educators, we are dedicated to helping the most people possible discover the magnificent benefits of this lifestyle.

Nature is our guide in all our activities. Our focus is seeing native biodiversity in all its splendour thrive in this little corner of the Earth we call our home and of which we are a part. Over the last three years, we have seen hundreds of species of plants and animals return to this land, in a biodiverse array of habitats that we have restored with the help of nature herself. We are certified by the Canadian Wildlife Federation as a Wildlife Friendly Habitat. Within this context, we strive to grow all the food that we eat in a year that can be grown. We keep our gardens and our natural habitats healthy, happy and vibrant through biodiversity. We mix everything up in our gardens, carefully imitating nature. The result is a food growing botanical garden and food forest that is beautiful, healthy, a place to sit and contemplate, and where balance and peace permeate every living being. It is a place that feeds our body and replenishes our soul.

We also sell vegetables, herbs, grains, fruit, native flowers, trees, shrubs, and seeds of all kinds, in small quantities to those who come visit or call us to request to purchase items.

Come and see us and find out how you can help restore balance and resilience in the natural environment around you and make the place where you live a natural paradise.

Open upon request. Call us for a visit.

Info: (647) 515-4749

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