Barn Owl Malt is a craft malt producer and brand of brewing grain ingredients. Using a traditional technique, floor malting, Barn Owl Malt processes 100% Ontario grown grains into craft malts for craft brewing. Malting is a necessary step for local grains to be used for brewing. Malted grains provide the colour, body and fermentable sugars for beer. Barn Owl Malts are sold directly to craft breweries, craft distilleries and homebrewers across Ontario. We are proud to showcase the true potential of Ontario craft malts as high quality, specialty malts. Our malts perform well in the brewhouse with exceptional extract potential, yeast nutrition and diastatic power, while providing excellent flavours and aromas. All of our grains remain traceable to the Ontario farm where they were grown and are processed right here in our malt house, un-blended. Our malt house is not open to the public, for purchase please contact us via email. For a list of the types of malts we are producing as well as local craft breweries currently using our malts, please visit our website.


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