MARMORA & LAKE- Marmora SnoFest is the oldest continuing dog sled race event in Canada, and with strong community support it continues to grow. In the past decade, SnoFest has added multiple activities and events to their February line up that appeal to all generations. With strong support from residents and the business community, SnoFest has been able to expand with new events for everyone.
Last week SnoFest launched their 2013 sponsorship package for regional businesses. These businesses within Comfort Country and beyond received the package, which outlines various opportunities separated into silver, gold, & platinum packages. There are also smaller packages available for as little as $25 that allow sponsorship of prizes at the SnoFest Talent Show and Weight Pull events.
Acting Events Coordinator Lucas Wales stresses the importance of sponsorship packages for businesses.
“We know that advertising is a crucial element in the success of any businesses, the challenge is being able to afford the high costs, and hit the right target market. By sponsoring an event like SnoFest not only are you able to promote your business for a fraction of the price, you are also supporting a community friendly event, and helping to develop the region as a destination.”
SnoFest is also proud to bear the title of Hastings County Event of the Year & Organization of the Year. The award was presented on October 19th at Trudeau Park as part of the Hotie Awards for 2012.
If you are interested in reviewing SnoFest’s sponsorship package you can email Lucas Wales at to receive a digital copy with more information.
About: Marmora SnoFest has been celebrating the sport of mushing in Marmora & Lake for 35 years. As a not for profit, SnoFest supports the community of Marmora & Lake by increasing tourism to the region during the winter months. With a host of new programs and events SnoFest has transformed into a weekend for everyone! February 1,2, and 3, 2013
If you would like more information about the Sponsorship Package please contact Lucas Wales at


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