The Ontario Environment Commission has released the 2018 Greenhouse Gas Report. The conclusion is “Climate disruption has already arrived in Ontario, and much more is ahead. Even at current global GHG emission rates, today’s toddlers can expect to face temperature increases in Ontario during their lifetimes similar to those that ended North America’s last ice age (average increase of 4 degrees C-7 degrees C). Such increases would cause severe, widespread and irreversible impacts, far beyond what they may be able to adapt to. Whether we want to believe it, or not, the actions we take now to reduce GHG emissions really matter to our future and to the future of generations to come. Every tonne counts, and every action matters.
For Ontario and the world, the tipping point has been reached. With every day that passes, our emissions continue to climb and the challenge becomes more difficult. To safeguard Ontarians from the dangers posed by climate change and to ensure that the danger does not grow, Ontario must take aggressive and sustained climate action.”
You can read the report below. There is information about the current situation and ideas about what we should be doing.


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