If you are going to grow potatoes do get the very best seed potatoes, We are very lucky to have Henry and Janet Ellenberger producing certified organic seed potatoes on  Ellenberger Organic Farm on The Ridge, near the quaint Ontario town of Coe Hill.  The Ridge Road runs north south and is an area of high ground with good soils surrounded by forests. Former Reeve of Wollaston Dan McCraw remembers being told Coe Hill and area sent carrots to Toronto during the Depression by train.
Henry is the only grower in Ontario of certified organic seed potatoes. He is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The process of becoming a producer of organic seed potatoe is long and complex. It includes getting rid of all the potatoes in storage, disinfecting the storage area and equipment, and then procuring the organic seed potatoes. Seed potatoes begin as mini tubers and grow through various stages, which include Pre-elite, Elite 1 through 4, Foundation and Certified. Ellenberger has chosen varieties to grow that have a consistent record of growing well organically and have a natural resistance to diseases, such as blight, scab and black leg leaf roll.  

He plants in late June planting helps to control potato bug infestation. He finds cultivation assists in weed control  and companion planting around the perimeter helps control bugs.
Henry and Janet  breed Tamworth pigs, which they cross with Duroc pigs. They have a herd of Red Poll (Devon) cattle and they now have some Canadienne cows. Janet makes cheese for the family. In the winter, Henry uses his draft horses to take hay to the cows and to collect wood for the wood lot. He finds this more convenient than digging out his tractor. You can stop by their  produce stand located road-side at the farm.
Please call ahead with any inquiries you may have including pricing information, directions, and current seasonal produce availability. Seed potatoes are ready to be picked up in May. Henry can answer any questions you have about growing potatoes successfully.


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