Sustainability – more Internet resources

Useful sources of information:
The following weblinks cover local, regional, provincial, national and even international agencies, action groups and associations working towards mitigating climate change, encouraging local diets, sustainability issues and peace:
County Sustainability – formed to explore ways to make The County (Prince Edward County) more economically robust and sustainable.
Elizabeth May into the national debate.
A community portal for ‘one-stop’ e-shopping and on-line resource for the Hastings and Quinte region of eastern Ontario. The goal is to provide easy access to everything you want to know or do… whether you live here, work here, plan to move here, or you simply want to visit our beautiful region.

Planet Friendly is a comprehensive listing of meetings and conferences to do with environmental, sustainable, conservation and green living issues.
A compendium of personalities, activities and resources for Prince Edward County-based residents to find out about projects, initiatives and events to do with “green living” and encourages on-line discussion about the issues.
Young Greens – created by Green Party Youth Chair, Isabel Slone who lives in Ameliasburgh. To quote Isabel, “I feel like blogging is a great way to get involved with people with similar ideals from all over the world.
The Community Coalition Against Uranium Mining site keeps track of contentious uranium mining and exploration issues. The results of several CCAMU Citizens’ Inquiries makes for fascinating reading. Do you know about the antiquated Ontario Mining Act? If not, may I suggest a little research…you may not really own your property!
A free weekly e-newsletter that covers business, the environment and the bottom line. You might be surprised by what’s happening in the business world as more and more companies realize “going green means more green at the bottom line!”
Transition Towns – This website is a WIKI for use by communities that have adopted the Transition Model for responding to the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change. It provides a focal point for towns, villages, cities and localities around the world as they implement their own Transition Initiative.

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