Jennifer Nash of Prosperity Acres said, “We took such a hit this summer with the drought; composted our annuals early; only sold a few perennials all summer, and our fall mum sales were not good. Normally, I close up the garden centre on October 31st to get ready for next Spring. Since we have such a large shortfall to make up for this year, I decided to stay open and try and mitigate that by adding winter greenery to our line-up (winter arrangements don’t need water).
“I’ve created winter arrangements upon request, in the past ). We’ve purchased some greens from Vern at Molloy’s Tree Farm in Stirling, and Kevin at Durkin Family Farm in Read. Both farmers harvest their forests using best management practices. And, both were paid a fair price for their supplies! Some of the materials, like dogwood, we harvested from our own land. I’m making outdoor arrangements now. Closer to Christmas, I’ll be creating centre pieces for indoors. As they dry out faster, it’s best to leave these until you’re ready for them. Kevin has supplied us with some great birch logs, which we have cut in half lengthwise, and I will be using them to make candle holders with live greens for the dinner table.”


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