Back Room Farm – based in a small house in the village of Deloro – is a micro coffee roaster, market garden (using organic methods), and a maker of body-care products, herbal remedies, preserves, and teas.

Back Room Farm has several greenhouses and produces a wide range of plants for both visual and culinary pleasure. With a big assortment of annuals, perennials, medicinal herbs, kitchen herbs, and veggie plants this year, Back Room Farm is a great destination to fill spots in your garden or choose all of your veggie plants from the selection of heirloom varieties.

The ‘farm’ stand is open on May 7th, 10am-3pm, for early plants, and starting May 14th, 6-days-a-week, Tuesday through Sunday (and Monday May 23rd) until Sunday June 12th. Find Jude in the driveway from 10am to 3pm daily, rain or shine.

On June 18th and every Saturday until mid-September, Jude will be able to bring out her selection of delicious preserves, made with local fruits and vegetables. Plus, in addition to the coffees, teas, herbal remedies, and the small surplus from her organically grown garden, Jude often displays some of her collection of crystals, minerals, and gems; which includes some local examples.

Ask what is in the fridge and find out what Jude has been busy making in her inspected, commercial kitchen. Soups  treats, and baking can often be found; along with whatever sprouts or microgreens she has been busy growing. You never know what you will find. 

Open 10am-3pm

            May 7th

            May 14th – June 12th, Tuesday to Sunday

            May 23rd

            June 18th-September 17th – Saturdays

            Other times by appointment


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