Gerry Sanders is a talented local wood and soapstone carver and artist, located in Marmora.  About 30 years ago, Gerry hurt himself in a workplace accident. This unfortunate accident led Gerry to develop his current profession. He needed to keep himself busy, so he took up wood carving, exploring skills handed down by his grandfather and great-grandfather, who lived and worked at a nearby mill. What started with whittling and carving wooden fishing lures has progressed to doing large and small chainsaw carvings, beautifully crafted funeral boxes, and any number of creations that strike his fancy. He is self taught. He has recently created some incredible soap stone carvings from some harder soap stone quarried in the Cooper area. You will find him in his great workshop, which is in the hayloft of an old barn/carriage house behind his grand old home in Marmora, a home that is surrounded by many gardens and trees. He will on occasion sell his work in his backyard and driveway, but it is best to call first.

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