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Trevor DeMille creates intriguing birdfeeders and other folk art carvings out of wood. At first glance, his birdfeeders look like they are made of gourds, but closer inspection shows that they are actually made of carved, hollowed and varnished wood. Each one is unique, beautifully crafted and well finished.
Trevor started making his one-of-a-kind birdfeeders about eight years ago when he saw one made from a gourd. Knowing that this type of gourd is not grown in this area, but that wood is plentiful, he started creating gourd-shaped birdfeeders for friends and family. They encouraged him to produce more and to also branch out to other woodworking projects. He now makes lots of seasonally-inspired decorative items, as well as other folk art-inspired pieces. To make sure he doesn’t get bored by making the same thing over and over, Trevor is continually creating new pieces.
Trevor likes to undertake larger projects as well, projects that allow him to combine his woodworking skills with his carpentry skills. He recently finished an exterior deck and railing that incorporated traditional finished lumber with natural, round branches, which gives the deck softer, more organic feel.
Most of the wood he uses he collects from his family farm on Beaver Creek. For his birdfeeders he uses dead or dying eastern white cedar, abundant in this area. He selects quirky pieces that stand out because they have a different grain or knot or twist. He cuts and dries the pieces of cedar, giving each bird feeder its own, unique personality.
Trevor can be found at local craft shows in Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston, Ottawa and many points between, plus at the Marmora and Campbellford farmers’ markets, where he shares a booth with his fiancé, who sells tasty, organic produce from her bountiful garden. 


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