David Ferguson is a craftsman woodworker, who makes unique, interesting live-edge furniture tables and benches in his off grid, solar-powered work shop in the hills south of Bancroft.  He also builds cabinetry and can do most fine wood working projects in and around homes, including the building of decks, garages and bunkies. In addition to the tables and benches he makes, he does gallery installations at the  Art Gallery of Bancroft, and he is currently doing the trim work on the interior of two homes in the area.

David graduated from the Media Studies program at Ryerson University in Toronto, after which he worked as a professional photographer and doing gallery installations. This explains his keen sense of design and aesthetic. David is a self-taught carpenter, a career he began in Toronto working at renovating old Toronto homes between his contracts working as an award winning photographer and gallery designer. David developed his love for designing and creating beautiful wood handiwork and people soon developed a taste for his unique designs. His attention to detail and the quality of his craftsmanship are obvious when you see his work.

David moved into the Bancroft area eight years ago. He built a handsome stone stucco home, incorporating into its design exposed post and beams and passive solar heating. He built a masonry heater that not only keeps the home toasty warm, it also heats his water. He has also incorporated a grey-water recovery system that feeds his lush indoor garden, which includes large banana tree!  He has a few outbuildings, including one that houses his well-equipped workshop. The workshop is heated with a wood boiler that heats the water for his hydronic radiant in-floor heating system. Another storage building also incorporates a passive solar air dryer to dry his locally harvested lumber.

David’s passion lies in his live-edge furniture, a design feature that makes each piece unique. He uses environmentally-friendly low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) wood stains and finishes. He uses local hardwoods for his projects including elm, maple, cherry and ash. David is now included in the Bancroft and Area Autumn Studio Tour.


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