Sweet Stuff, Warm Light & Wonderful Butt Nuggets

Arjen and Karin Dil: two Dutchies on the move. First from The Netherlands to Rockwood, close to Guelph, where the honeybees came into our lives. Then, in 2020, we moved to Bancroft; Happy to have found a home closer to the great outdoors.

The bees moved up in the spring of 2021 and they seem to be very happy with their new surroundings too: They collected a delicious load of the nicest honey we ever harvested!

We take our pride in selling honey as it was meant to bee: raw and unpasteurized, so our valued customers get to enjoy all the natural benefits from Mother Nature. Currently sold out of harvest 2022. Bees will be working on 2023 pretty soon…

Another product from the hive that we enjoy making is beeswax candles. Only 3 ingredients we use: local beeswax, a cotton wick and …lots of love while making them by hand.

Since 2021 we enlarged our family with a feathery flock: our hens are a nice mixture of all kinds of breeds. Fed organic feed only and allowed to free range is much as possible. The result is delicious, healthy eggs and added surprise…our eggs come in all sorts of colors.

Additional Details

  • Our home address and Alice's Pantry in Bancroft for candles


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