From the beginning we have had a passion for producing high quality livestock with an “ideal” conformity to the breed standard and also meat with ideal flavour, texture and taste.  Through rigorous research, time and planning we are assembling a linage of animals known for meat quality, confirmation and prodigy. Our practices are neither conventional, standard, nor large scale commercial.  We take time and care to ensure that the production of our products satisfy the demands of our livestock and ideals of our customers. And, in this attempt of striving to achieve the best, we always ensure that our animals come first; being bred and raised in a stress free atmosphere allowing them a natural environment to carry out their normal instinctive animal activities.  We are strict from the standpoint that our animals must be raised with the dignity, respect and the humane treatment that they deserve while also caring for the environment and wildlife that surrounds us…..

Ivanleigh Farms began in the Fall of 2013.  Having grown up in a rural farming community on the fringe of the Ottawa Valley, raising livestock on pasture was normal practice. It was here that I developed a passion for livestock production and animal husbandry. I had spent much of my post secondary education studying health conditions and working with people of all walks of life.  I quickly began to see large patterns occurring, people were generally unwell, but why?  What could be causing so many people to feel ill?  I looked for patterns, it must be a “bad habit” that everyone was indulging in.  But, to my surprise, many of these people did not have a bad habit.  It didn’t matter the age, race or lifestyle, everyone seemed to be a candidate.  Common sense told me it had to be something that was common to all, and after much thought, I considered our food sources.

Throughout the past 100 years huge adaptations and modifications have taken place in the agricultural world and food production.  The bottom line of how quickly something can be produced for consumption is what counts.  I started researching various areas of agriculture and realized some of these changes were devastating.  It seemed all industries were affected – from cash crop to livestock.  Methods of doing things bigger, better and faster were evident.  I started considering the possibility that these “new and improved” methods were not good for our health…maybe we needed to go back to the basics…. And so my research began.  I looked for breeds that would thrive in pasture grazed situations.  I vowed to raise animals antibiotic and hormone free.  I sourced specialty feed suppliers – we provide only non GMO feed to any animals requiring grain supplementation.

Our sheep flock began mainly with Rideau Arcott and Dorsets which produced wonderful lamb for us.  Recently I have added purebred White Dorpers which will eventually make up our primary sheep flock.  This is a wonderful breed that thrives on grass and produces mild tasting, favorable lamb. Next came our Kune Kune pigs, a wonderful heritage breed that can be 95% pasture grazed and produces succulent, extremely favorable pork.  As time progresses I hope to add additional pasture grazed animals to our farm and offer a variety of meat products to those interested in consuming “food from our past”…

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