This popular family-run sawmill and lumber yard in Trenton is well known by local cabinet and furniture makers. Most of their business is by word of mouth so they must be doing something right.  One of the reasons serious and hobby woodworkers like this local hardwood and softwood supplier is that they can go in and pick and choose through their lumber to get exactly what they are after. Four brothers run Quinn Forest Products. The company was started almost 60 years ago by their grandfather, who passed it on to his son, who in turn passed it on to his sons. They know their wood. They have large kilns on site and it is all sorted and stored in temperature controlled sheds. In these sheds you can pick your lumber by grade and size. They carry red and white oak, poplar, ash, hard and soft maple, beech, cherry, pine and cedar, plus other less common woods.Most of the wood is harvested locally, within 100 miles of the mill. There is virtually no waste in this operation. They even sell hardwood that can’t be used for lumber to a local pallet company.
Most of their lumber is sold to local contractors and cabinet makers. There are several custom cabinet makers in the Stirling area who purchase most of their wood from Quinn Forest Products, thereby closing the loop from tree harvest, to mill, to the end user. This is pretty sustainable. They don’t have a website, but sell straight from their mill.


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