Producing 100% grass-fed beef, goose and registered Galloway Cattle breeding stock available at farm gate or arrange for us to deliver. Blue Laced Red Wyandotte straight run chicks, limited quantity seasonal vegetables & flowers from our permaculture gardens sold at farm gate. We are in our third year running a very successful year-round 3-6 month farm internship program and have a farm-based community garden program, as well.

For more information call 613-403-6050  or email [email protected]

We are Randy Whitteker & Michele Vindum. Plainfield Heritage Farm reflects our lifelong passion and commitment to wholesome, natural foods produced within ecological, regenerative practices that foster animal well-being while naturally replenishing the soil, flora and fauna. We live and farm through a “trust in nature.”  Our bio-secure farm and closed herd ensure that breeding stock from our registered Canadian Galloway Cattle are healthy. Our beautiful 1843 farmstead is located just off the Moira River at Shannon Road and Scuttlehole in the historic town of Plainfield, only 15 minutes north of Belleville. Raising heritage breeds reflects our commitment to food security. Many people are unaware that large scale farming has lead to significant loss of livestock breeds, reduced genetics within breeds and even difficulties in breeding naturally.

Galloway Cattle
Our registered heritage Galloway cattle range year-round on our pastures bordered by beautiful, old fashioned hedgerows. Our no-spray*, 100 per cent pasture-fed beef is free from hormones, antibiotics, meat-based proteins or any other additives. Our gentle Galloways may be hoary, old fashioned beasts but, they have never lost their ability to thrive on their natural diet of grasses and herbs and are well suited to withstanding climate extremes. Breeding Galloways reflects our commitment towards food security, resilience and food capacity right here at home.

Grass fed beef
We carefully chose Galloways as they thrives on 100 % pasture producing a very flavourful meat that is lean with healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Galloways bring exceptional favour with good marbling of polyunsaturated fats (the good kind.)

Breeding stock
If you interested in breeding high-quality registered Canadian Galloway Cattle we have registered bulls for sale, many sired from top imported Australian and Scottish semen. We are a biosecure, closed herd working towards disease-free status (where possible). This is your assurance we invest in the health of our livestock. Our cattle are 100 % grass fed, free range on pasture and maintained under organic principles. They receive only the finest organic supplements and are otherwise untreated except for initial 2 mm of selenium at birth. Our cattle are handled several times a day so are exceptionally calm and gentle. They make excellent mothers. They are naturally polled, with a double hair coat making them more adaptable to changing climate extremes. When used as a cross, Galloways bring exceptional hybrid vigor as this bred is one of the oldest breeds and never crossed with outside lines.

Chicken Heritage Breeds
We raise our birds on no-spray pasture following organic principles. The grain we feed is certified organic. We do not use hormones or antibiotics. Straight-run Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicks available through order.

Farm Internship Program

We are in our 3rd year running a successful year-round farm internship work exchange program. Stays are 3-6 months with interns mentored in organic farming and holistic pasture management practices, livestock care, permaculture, homestead fruit, vegetable and orchard production, working with oxen, sustainable logging, homestead skills. Find out why many interns become friends and stay connected to our farm. Contact us to learn more.

We are slowly growing a farm-based community of folks interested in organic food. They come out a few hours weekly, as they can, in exchange for seasonal produce. This community puts down foods together to share and enjoys potlucks. We encourage folks of diversity to apply.

* Please note that as required by law ($240,000 fine) we do hand-spot spray the listed noxious weed: Dog Strangling Vine not just because its the law but, because of the huge impact this noxious listed weed has on the ecology. Unfortunately, this specific plant cannot be controlled practically by other means. Hand-spot sprays are primarily in wooded forest or hedgerows with the odd spot within pasture. If you have questions, we are happy to clarify.


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