Skootamatta Environmental Consulting was established in September 2015 by Laura Reavie.  Laura is a graduate of the Geography program at Wilfrid Laurier University and the Physical Geography program at Trent University.  She has 15 years experience as an environmental consultant in Ontario.  Laura has been a project manager on several types of projects throughout her career including Environmental Compliance Approvals, Phase I and II Site Assessments.  She also has a great deal of experience in completing indoor air quality sampling in residential, commercial and industrial settings.  Laura has also completed air sampling for mould and asbestos projects.  She is a certified asbestos worker and supervisor.  Laura has operated several small drinking water systems under Ontario Regulation 170/03 and Ontario Regulation 319/08.  She is a Small Drinking Water Operator and a Limited Surface Water Subsystem Operator.  She most recently completed all the Ontario Building Code exams to become a septic system designer.
She and her family also breed the award winning Reavie Hereford cattle.

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