Elly Finlayson operates a vegetable, microgreen and garlic farm at Railway Creek Farm south of the hamlet of Cooper, and only  six minutes north of Madoc. Part of the farm is nestled between the old Bay of Quinte Railway line and the creek named Railway Creek. Elly has grown veggies and garlic since 1993.

In 2020, the veggie market gardens beds were brought back into production after several years  of  regenerating the soil, and the biological life within.   All veggies are grown naturally using non-toxic methods,   such as admending soil with compost, incorporating cover cropping, manure teas  all the while minimizing tillage.  Elly likes to grow all kinds of vegetables such as lettuce, arugula, napa cabbage, kale, beans as well as roots crops such as sweet carrots, beets and daikon radishes etc.  Summer and Winter Squash, tomatoes and peppers and much more will be available.

Over the winter, Microgreens are produced bi-weekly in an indoor vertical growing system.   Sunflowers, peas, brassicas and radishes microgreens are available to buy on the online store every other week. Deliveries are made to Madoc every other Friday afternoon, or pick up at the farm.

 To find our more about the fresh local vegetable delivery program and to become a memeber,  please go the online store  to find out more and to sign up. By becoming a member, you  will receive the bi-weekly notification with the direct link to the online store.   We offer A La Carte shopping experience which means you get to choose what to buy, how often and how much!

Railway Creek Farm is not just about vegetables, it is also  specialize in  garlic!!!
Elly has over 20 kinds of garlic from several vartieties, Rocambole, Porcelain, Purple Stripes and Creoles that all grow beautifully  on on her well drained sandy loam soil.  These garlic are well adapted to her zone 3 growing conditions. From these  twenty plus kinds of garlic, gardeners and eaters can choose  for all their culinary needs.  Please check out her website.  Store will open late August after curing is completed.  sign up to get to get notification and an early view of all the varieties and plan your garden. Visit railwaycreekfarm.ca. 

Elly  focuses mainly on marketing garlic at Garlic Festivals, Agricultural Fairs and events focused on local food sustainability.
She attends Madoc Farmers Market as often as she can and the ¬†Belleville Farmer’s Market occasionally in the fall.¬†

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