We are a non-profit organization that has been growing organic produce since 2008, north of Madoc.  Our focus is to create community through growing heirloom produce, teaching, and helping people who need access to good food but can’t afford it. We support this work partly through the sales of our produce, and welcome anyone who appreciates fine food grown with care and expertise of the earth.  Our head gardener, with us since 2008, comes from the first nations in Central America, bringing with him centuries of experience and knowledge combined with a Canadian understanding of the land.  We recognize we are growing this food from a variety of sources, including Eastern European, African, and Italian background, on Cooksokie Indigenous land.  We share the land with our fellow creatures, and we tenderly care for a flock of lambs, goats, chickens and turkeys, that roam and pasture in our undeveloped acreage; they contribute their free-range eggs acreage which we sell at our gate.


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