Sue Harvey, with her family, is living her childhood dream of living in the country and raising animals on their farm in Gilmour.  Sue raises organic, free-range turkeys and chickens. She has sold out for this year but will have more later in the  year. The turkeys are a heritage breed called Beltsville White.  You can find out more about the history the Beltsville White turkeys developed in the 1930s at the Beltsville Research Station in Maryland as a smaller turkey suited to the domestic market.
As long as the hens and tom cooperate, Sue is hoping to sell young poults as well as dressed turkeys next year .
In the spring she plans on selling Tamworth x weaner pigs. She has a Tamworth x boar that she hopes other small pig farmers will want to rent to breed their gilts or sows.  She will have pastured reared pork for sale.
Come for a visit and see what happy pigs look like! They also have a secluded cabin available is for quiet getaways.

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