Skinkle's Feed Depot

400 West Front St. Building 10
Stirling , ON K0K3E0
Monday - Friday
9:00 am-4:00 pm
9:00 am-3:00 pm


Melissa Skinkle
skinklefeeddepot [at]

Melissa & Josh Skinkle have opened Skinkle's Feed Depot and More Located in the Stirling Business Centre, next to the Stirling Post Office. It is a multifaceted store that caters to hunters, pet and horse owners, backyard farmers, bird lovers and the avid fishermen. They carry a wide variety of supplies ranging from livestock feed, small animal (Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Rodent and Ferret) feed and supplies as well as dog and cat food provided by Royal Canin.  They have an assortment of fishing tackle, pet toys, leashes, treats and dishes.

For the bird watchers, let Skinkle's Feed Depot provide your feathered friends with food and comfort.  They offer a variety of mixed seed, Nyger, Safflower, Sunflower (Black Oil & Stripped) and Suet cakes, Bird feeders and custom Bird Houses created by Bob Sinclair of Stirling.

Their most recent addition to the Feed Depot is the amazing line of Brooks Horse Feed. They feel that this is a great product and want what is best for their horse owners. 

Melissa & Josh work closely with Steve & Selina Elmy, owners of The Tweed Feed Depot stocking the well known "Rack Stacker" brand of wild game feed, minerals and attractants, as well as apparel.

As well as supplies for animals, Melissa invited her friend Natasha, owner of "Mrs. B's Bath, Body & Gifts" to bring in her amazing all-natural products.  Some of these products include, Bath Bombs, Lotions, Soaps, Baby Products and wonderful Wax Melts.

Josh & Melissa also support family members and their creative side. Josh's Mother, Bonnie Courtice, Creator of "Flutterby Ride" has a selection of handcrafted items such as Blankets, Cards, Hot/Cold Therapy Bags, as well as Baby items (Receiving blankets, Bibs and stuffed toys). Josh's Uncle, Keith Sills enjoys collecting and refurbishing oil lamps and he has a colourful selection for sale.  Josh's Step Dad, Lawrence Courtice Founder of "Leapfrog Fishing" provides them with a large variety of fishing supplies. 

In their spare time, Melissa and Josh have other jobs they enjoy doing also.  Melissa provides support to pregnant moms and their families in the area through her business as a Labour & Birth Doula. Josh operates a Custom Manure Spreading business serving farmers in the region.

They would love for you to spot by for a visit and enjoy a free cup of Tea or Coffee while you browse 

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