Shawn Wood  of Wood Services crafts a very unique corner shuffleboard table using local oak. About five years ago, while brainstorming things he could build, Shawn reminisced about how he used to enjoy playing shuffleboard. He didn’t think it would be very difficult to make one, but he realized there was no way he could fit the game into his current space. He realized a lot of people would have this same issue, when he had a Eureka moment.  He could make a corner shuffleboard!  The same amount of fun, but needing a lot less space.
The corner shuffleboard game is in itself interesting, because unlike regular shuffleboard, you have to play the angles and corner bounces. This makes it a challenging, yet fun way to interact with friends and family. The game is a combination of billiards, curling and regular shuffleboard.
Shawn moved to the southern end of Hastings County in 2007 and since then has been working as a renovator and carpenter. He also builds bars and cabinets for both commercial and residential clients. His talent as a carpenter is obvious in the workmanship of his solid and unique corner shuffleboards.
Shawn can customize his corner shuffleboard as well to make it fit into any space, whether commercial or residential. His current model is made of oak, but he has been experimenting with pine or oak veneer in an attempt to create a less pricey end product. He also makes dart board frames.
With a last name of Wood, wood working seems a natural fit, and Shawn’s choice of company name, Wood Services, is a logical one! 


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