Russett Farms

238 Maple Road
Stirling , ON K0K3E0
Please call to get our opening hours
886 Grills Road
Belleville , ON K8N 4Z5
Grills Orchards are open all year round.
Sunday - Saturday
9:00 am-5:00 pm


Sandra Russett
russettfarms [at]

Darrell Russett has a very good reputation for the high quality of the animals he rears. He runs a large operation with 600 cattle. He has cows and their calves (cow calf) and also buys in young stockers from Hoards Station Sale Barn. He has a mixture of breeds but many like those in the photo are Charolais. On Saturdays, Sandra Russett sells beef from Russett Farms at Campbellford Farmers Market and Donna Russett sells it at the Stirling Farmers Market. They have steaks, roasts, hamburger, hamburger patties, all beef honey garlic sausages, stew beef, beef bacon, heart, liver and oxtail. They are both experienced and knowledgeable cooks and can advise you and give you recipes. The cattle are reared without hormones  and are certified Ontario Corn Fed Beef.   It is worth the drive to the countryside.

You can go to Russett Farm orchards seven days a week,  from September to November while the apples are fresh.There is a self serve option available at the farm. The apple crates are clearly labelled in the garage as to which variety and grade the apples are. There are baskets and bags and the prices are clearly marked and there is a place to leave payment as well. You can get Macs, Cortland and Northern Spy apples, freshly picked at Russetts Farms at Welmans Corner; at the Hoard Station Sale Barn on Tuesday; and at Campbellford Farmers' Market and Stirling Farmers' Market on Saturdays.

The history of Russett Orchards is interesting. Twelve year ago the Russetts bought an 18 acre apple orchard from Frank Bailey. It used to be owned by the late Burton Morton, who was a well-known apple grower. Darrell Russett said he didn’t want to grub up the orchard because he recognized all the work that went into establishing it. He wanted to keep it going so the Russetts set about learning about growing apples. They do spray with Sunlight soap in the spring after it rains to stop fungus forming on the trees, The orchard is one of the historic orchards in Stirling-Rawdon, and they have gradually replaced many of the large old trees with smaller one. In the old days one used to climb long ladders to pick the apples. It is much easier to pick apples from now semi-dwarf trees.

They try and buy three year-old trees as they start producing quickly. They have recently planted Imperial Gala and Honey Crisp, which are newer varieties. They have Macintosh, Cortland, and Northern Spy and next year they will plant Russets. Clarence O’Connor of Bonarlaw keeps his bees at Russett Farms. Bees are very import in an apple orchard as they pollinate the blossom.

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