Three Maples Sugar Camp

1954 Old Marmora Road
Marmora , ON K0K 2K0
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Harry Dennis

Harry B. Dennis has a large maple syrup operation, Three Maples Sugar Camp, on the Old Marmora Road between Marmora  and Madoc.  He has 1200 taps in several different maple woods in the area, all of which have gravity fed, pipe collection systems. He goes around with a truck with a tank on the back and a pump, and collects the sap from tanks in  each sugar bush.

The old sugar house burned down four years ago and the Dennis family built a new one. Inside is a state of the art, stainless steel, wood-fired evaporator.  He doesn't use revese osmosis to concentrate the sap before boiling.

He has  a demonstration area with a mini pipe line  near the sugar house. They make around 500 gallons, which they sells at the farm gate and wholesale. He plans to have a pancake house and is always willing to show people round.

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